Granny Smiths, Galas and Fujis, oh my!

By Lexi Guttormson, 2018 University of Minnesota Dietetic Intern

Do you ever wonder which of those apples at your local orchard would be perfect for your pie? What about applesauce? And which apples taste best right off the tree?

With over 2,500 varieties of apples in the United States alone, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the possibilities. Fear not, this guide will help you find the best use for some of the most popular types of apples in Minnesota!


Apple Type: Description: Recommended Best Use:


Ambrosia Sweet, tender Fresh eating, salads, baking


Braeburn Tart, crisp, juicy Best used for baking


Crispin Sweet, crisp Baking, fresh eating, and applesauce


Fuji Sweet, juicy, crisp Best for fresh eating, and applesauce


Gala Sweet, crisp, juicy Fresh eating, and applesauce


Golden Delicious Sweet, crisp Great for all uses! (Baking, applesauce, fresh, apple butter, etc.)


Granny Smith Firm, tart Baking, applesauce, and apple juice


Honeycrisp Sweet, crisp, slight tart hint Best for eating fresh, or in a salad


Jazz Sweet, firm, juicy Fresh eating, and baking


McIntosh Juicy, tangy, firm Best for good quality applesauce, but really this apple is great for all uses!


Red Delicious Sweet, crisp Fresh eating, salads, applesauce, apple butter



Storage tip:
Apples keep best in the refrigerator. Most apples are also fine to freeze!

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