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Workplace Giving

Cast and crew from the hit musical "Wicked" volunteer at Open Farms!

Ask your employer to match your donations

Corporate matching gifts are an important source of funds for Open Arms. They allow our supporters to make their generous contributions of time and money go twice as far — and to help ensure that we continue to bring nutritious, delicious meals to our clients.

Does your organization match?

Many organizations have ongoing corporate matching gift programs that are not well advertised. If you are not sure the company you work for does, contact your human resources or payroll department. If your employer has a matching gift program, please be sure to submit the appropriate form with your contribution or your volunteer hours.

Is your organization affiliated with United Way?

Open Arms is not a designated agency of the United Way; however, your employer may request that United Way contributions to go directly to Open Arms. Simply contact your human resources or payroll department to request a Donor Designated Funds Form for United Way Giving and list Open Arms as the recipient of your contribution:

Open Arms of Minnesota
2500 Bloomington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Federal ID: 41-1681317

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How to Get Started

To get started, contact our Director of Individual and Major Gifts, Mary Beth Iverson, via email at [email protected]g or at 612-677-2568

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Your Gift Will Help Us Serve More Clients!

Together we can continue to meet the increased demand for medically tailored meals with your support! We hope you think of us as you consider your year-end giving. Your donation is a gift of care, compassion, and encouragement!