Open Arms of Minnesota

Senior Manager of Delivery and Logistics

Primary Job Responsibilities

Ensures successful home delivery of client meals and distribution of OAM products between multiple kitchen locations.

  • ‘Provides oversight of mapping and routing of all active clients to maintain efficient, timely deliveries and effective volunteer driver engagement and retention.  
  • Coordinates and participates in the daily reporting, routing, packing, delivery, and shipment of meals to OAM clients within our core delivery area and across the state of Minnesota.  
  • Supervises and provides oversight to the procedural chain of packing, distributing, and delivering meals to all clients.  
  • Provides oversight and planning to the Routing Manager to ensure the day-to-day planning reflects the overall organizational direction and needs.  
  • Supervises the OAM Shipping Coordinator to ensure meals arrive on time, in excellent condition, and on budget while maintaining food safety standards. 
  • Supervises staff drivers and coordinates vehicle usage with other agency leaders. 
  • Leads organizational efforts in supplemental/once per year delivery programs, including client birthdays, microwaves, food safety kits, blizzard boxes, Thanksgiving meals, and other special project deliveries. 
  • Continually evaluates distribution processes and procedures to improve efficiency and implement technology and process changes that are both scalable and sustainable.  
  • Coordinates and manages continuous research and development to ensure up to date and efficient distribution practices. 
  • Manages inventory and supply distribution across multiple locations to ensure all processes and procedures can be carried out with integrity regardless of location or date.  

Ensures the accuracy and timeliness of all daily logistical aspects of the Department.  

  • Working and proficient knowledge of food safety standards for handling, delivery, and shipping.  
  • Monitors and ensures food safety and quality of meals throughout the distribution process.  
  • Working inventory knowledge and collaboration with the Food Services Director to ensure distribution is reflecting the needs of kitchen operations. 
  • Works with kitchen teams to arrange internal logistics between Open Arms’ two kitchens, and any storage facilities. 
  • Proper maintenance and utilization of information systems used for scheduling and routing client deliveries. 
  • Develops and maintains vendor relationships. 
  • Maintains inventory and organization of distribution/packing areas and related materials. 
  • Serves as backup delivery driver as necessary 

Ensures proper staff coverage utilizing paid staff, volunteers, and interns.  

  • Supervision and management of Departmental staff, schedules, and PTO to ensure no disruption to Department functions.  
  • Monitors and directs workloads for all direct report staff, interns, and volunteers on a daily basis.  
  • Ensures each Logistics and Distribution led shift is fully and properly staffed to maintain food and process integrity. 
  • Working knowledge and collaboration with the Senior Director of Volunteer Engagement to ensure a full understanding of Volunteer support capabilities as it pertains to Logistics and Distribution. 
  • Working knowledge of our Satellite locations and coordinating with Volunteer Engagement to ensure our Satellites are adhering to our distribution best practices and safety standards. 
  • Ensures all staff adhere to the HIPAA policies of Open Arms of Minnesota and implements distribution procedures and policies to ensure the protection of our client’s health information. 
  • Coordinates training for all new drivers – staff, volunteers, or interns to ensure food safety and procedural integrity. 

Ensures consistent and clear communication between all operational based Departments.  

  • Participates in the organizational operations meetings, Directors’ meetings, and other meetings as needed and/or requested.  
  • Ensures the accurate departmental documentation of client and delivery related notes.  
  • Provides timely submission of incident reports in the event of a client or delivery related emergency.  
  • In conjunction with other Departments, contributes, evaluates, and implements strategic planning for organizational goals and initiatives.  

Manages the OAM fleet of vehicles.

  • Manages the schedule of all vehicles used in delivery and transport 
  • Trains staff on appropriate use of vehicles 
  • Communicates maintenance requests in a timely fashion to the Director of Facilities.  

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If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to join the amazing Open Arms team, please send resume and cover letter detailing pertinent experience to:

Open Arms of Minnesota Human Resources
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 612.872.0866
Mail: 2500 Bloomington Avenue S, Minneapolis MN 55404

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