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Julie Volunteer plug.

Stay Warm By Volunteering With Open Arms!

Did you know that 1,130 people attended a new volunteer orientation last year? Think about it this way: 1,130 people were introduced to the most passionate volunteer network in Minnesota! New volunteers infuse this community with energy, and we’ll need to tap into that energy with winter just around the corner. Our clients need us despite the snow, sleet, and ice. Lend a hand if you’re able and encourage your family and friends to join you!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Open Arms! Go to to sign up!

It’s Turkey TIME!

Each year, as part of YESvember, Open Arms of Minnesota celebrates Thanksgiving by providing each client the opportunity to receive a wholesome turkey dinner to enjoy with their loved ones. To ensure our clients have a homemade feast to enjoy Thanksgiving Day, we ask that you consider getting involved in Turkey Drive 2023! You can donate or even start your own Turkey Drive fundraiser and help us grow our community of supporters! This year’s goal is $168,000, our most ambitious goal ever!  

Gobble gobble, thank you for turning November into YESvember for our critically ill clients and their loved ones!