Mission and Vision

Mission: To nourish body, mind and soul.

Purpose: To build a joyful and nourishing community that provides medically tailored meals and hope for people experiencing a significant health crisis or living with a life-threatening illness.





  • Abundance: We operate on the abundance model, believing that the resources and compassion we need to support our work are available in our community. We are committed to making best use of our resources: volunteer time, community relationships and donor generosity.
  • Social Responsibility: We believe that all people who are ill — no matter their economic status — should have access to appropriate nutrition. We strive to always be able to say, “Yes, there is room for one more at our table.”
  • Community: As neighbors feeding neighbors, we are committed to creating an inclusive community that celebrates life and honors dignity. We will bring people from all walks of life together to volunteer, share, learn, heal, grow, have fun — and achieve a common goal.
  • Innovation: We take calculated risks to expand our thinking, programming and worldview and to actively seek creative responses to local and global challenges. This ensures that we stay on the cutting edge in all that we do — from growing ingredients to delivering meals — and meet the growing need for our services proactively.
  • Hope: Hope is the secret ingredient in all of our recipes and in every interaction with our stakeholders. It is how we provide an experience that is as transformative for our donors, volunteers, staff and clients as it is for our community.

Our Promise:

Many organizations provide meals and volunteer opportunities. Our Promise is the commitment OAM has to delivering a unique experience, and it’s what sets OAM apart. Whether you’re a client, volunteer, donor, or staff or board member, OAM promises that in our interactions with you and at all touchpoints, you will find OAM to be:

  • Deeply Personal: When you engage with OAM, people know your name and your story, and they remember you.
  • Connected & Engaged: Being in relationship with OAM means you can feel connected to a broader community that pays attention to the contexts impacting those we serve, and we listen to you as you share ideas and feedback to enhance our collective efforts.
  • Grounded in “Home”: You can be a part of the OAM family through the activities in our physical space. The hope generated in this physical space is delivered by you — literally and figuratively — to our clients’ doors.
  • Going Above and Beyond: OAM’s commitment to excellence is reflected in all it does, from its staff talent to the experiences it delivers to volunteers, to the home-made, nutritious, medically tailored meals it provides clients.
  • Genuinely Welcoming: Sharing our hospitality means you will experience smiles, genuine curiosity, timely responses, and a positive, solutions-oriented vibe.
  • Committed to Continuous Improvement: Because OAM is dedicated to ongoing reflection, assessment and refinement, you can be assured that we are always striving to be a better organization and member of the community.

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