Our meals will strengthen and comfort you – and they taste great!


We offer a few different menus that are tailored specifically to meet individual dietary needs. Contact Nutrition Services Director Laura Strait at 612-767-7336 or with any questions.

Our professional chefs prepare our delicious meals in-house using fresh and, when possible, organic produce. In fact, many of the fresh veggies are produced from our Open Farms program.

We deliver your entrees frozen, so you have the flexibility to choose when you’d like to enjoy a meal. In addition to entrees, each delivery includes fresh fruit, veggies, snacks, desserts and a half gallon of milk.

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Here are descriptions of our 4 medically tailored menus:

  • Heart Healthy: This is our standard, heart healthy diet. It includes foods that are low in salt and saturated fat, and known to support good health for a range of needs. Features some “meat and potatoes” style foods that are designed to be healthy and nutritious. Examples: Lasagna with carrots, Roasted chicken with rice pilaf and green beans.
  • Kidney-Friendly/Renal: For clients who are on hemodialysis. Meals are low in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, and are also high in protein. Examples: Chicken stir fry with rice, Lemon herb fish with quinoa and carrots
  • Bland: For those with taste changes or swallowing problems. Low in spice and acid, with soft foods that can be mashed with a fork. Examples: Buttered noodles with peas & carrots, Meatloaf with mashed potatoes & broccoli
  • Vegetarian: For those who do not eat meat, poultry, or fish. May contain dairy or eggs. Examples: Quinoa saute with edamame, tofu stir fry with brown rice


Those who need a pureed diet can choose any of the above menus. This option provides food that is safe for those who have trouble chewing/swallowing. Clients may also receive “add-ons” with their deliveries, such as nausea care packs, if they are experiencing certain symptoms as a result of their illness.

The salt and saturated fat is controlled on all menus, and each one is diabetes-friendly.

At this time, we do not have a gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan menu. We are also not able to meet the needs for those with food allergies. Meals may contain traces of allergens, such as peanuts, treenuts, wheat, eggs, milk, and fish.

Clients may switch menus while on service. Depending on their needs, they may need to speak with a registered dietitian before switching.

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