Donate Supplies

Make a tangible impact on our program

There are many meaningful ways to make donations to Open Arms. If the kitchen is the heart of what we do, it is supported by many other organs, which rely on a steady supply of such things as paper, garden gloves and coffee to keep them going! Supply donations help ensure our funding can go directly to our programs–providing nutrition and technical assistance to people who are ill.

You can help by making a donation or organizing a donation drive with your place of worship, office, school, club or sports team. Donation drives for herbal ginger tea or non-GMO veggie seeds are a great way to come together as a group and help make a difference.

To make a donation or start a drive, contact Lisa Lane at 612-767-7339.

Here are some of the items we need on a regular basis:

Client Supplies:

  • Low-sugar, heart-healthy cereal
  • Plastic handled bags (by the case — we use these for Nausea Care Packs each week!)
  • Items for Nausea Care Packs
    • Ginger ale or Sprite
    • Icee pops
    • Saltine crackers
    • Candied ginger
    • Small single-use size applesauce
    • Herbal ginger tea
  • Ice packs (Rubbermaid 7” square ‘weekender’ size)
  • Birthday candles and birthday cards

Open Farms Supplies:

  • Sturdy baskets/buckets/bins
  • Gloves
  • Stakes, tomato cages, and ties for tomatoes and peppers
  • Straw bales
  • Bags of leaves (we’ll make them into compost!)
  • Organic, non-GMO vegetable and flower seeds
  • Cover crop seed
  • Burlap sacks
  • Rain barrels
  • Plant tags/labels
  • Sprinkler heads

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