Purchase an Open Farms CSA this season

Feed the soil; feed your family; feed the community

Join the food movement and enjoy farm-to-table ingredients grown with love from Open Farms, our organic urban garden. By supporting our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) project, you will not only enjoy healthy eating in your own home but will help provide funding for meals for people living with life-threatening illness in our community.

At Open Farms, we sustainably grow over 40 kinds of high-quality nutritious vegetables and herbs. In your share you will see many of the traditional staples like green beans, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, and squash as well as unique, heirloom varieties. Items included will vary depending on weather, harvest, and availability.

Open Farms consists of multiple urban sites located in St. Paul, Minneapolis and Afton. By turning vacant lots into vibrant gardens we are transforming underutilized urban spaces into food and providing a platform for discussion around food justice. At the farm we use organic methods and permaculture principles to work with nature, rather than against it. We also use a variety of different growing techniques to maximize efficiency and space as well as companion planting, crop rotations, cover cropping and green manure as ways to increase productivity, build healthy soil and reduce pest problems.

Please note that CSAs are built on the element of shared risk: by paying up front for the whole season, you agree to accept the best that our farm can provide each week, no matter what happens during the season. If a hailstorm takes out all the peppers, then everyone is disappointed together, and together we’ll cheer on the winter squash and broccoli. We promise to provide you with the best that Open Farms can offer, as long as you agree to take the long view with us.

We hope you’ll consider eating healthy AND supporting your community by purchasing a CSA share from Open Farms!



Questions about Open Farms CSA?
Contact Open Farms Manager Kelly Wilson at kellyw@openarmsmn.org>>

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