Meet our team

List of full-time, part-time and volunteer staff:

Andrew Haukebo, Chef
Angie Swanson, Corporate & Partnerships Manager
Annamarie Rigelman, Bakery Assistant
April Bogard, Senior Director of Programs
Brianna Elliott, Nutrition Specialist
Deandra Bieneman, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Eddie White, Maintenance
Edward Jackson, Dishwasher
Elizabeth Polter, Logistics & Delivery Director
Emily Mauter, Development/Events Manager
Erin Tremel, Volunteer Engagement Associate
Ian Williams, Dishwasher
James Wilson, Kitchen Assistant
Jason Morin, Building Coordinator
Jeanne Foels, Communications Manager
Jennifer Bliss, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator
Jill Hogan, Senior Director of Finance & Administration
JoEllen Brenny, Kitchen Assistant
Kelly Wilson, Open Farms Coordinator
Kiell Kosberg, Client Services Specialist
Leah Hébert Welles, Executive Director
Liam Bell, Chef
Lila Gilbert, Director of Volunteer Engagement
Lisa Lane, Senior Director of Development & Community Engagement
LisaAnne McKnight, Chef
Margaret Chamberlain, Bakery Manager
Maria Kustritz, Kitchen Host & Volunteer Specialist
Maria Palmeros, Logistics & Delivery Assistant (St. Joseph Worker)
Steven Howard, Executive Chef
Sue Hanson, Office & Administration Coordinator
Zachary Duwenhoegger, Sous Chef


Would you like to support our staff’s work nourishing people in our community living with life-threatening illnesses? Make a donation in their honor>>

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