Meet our team

Group Photo by Micah Taylor

Group Photo by Micah Taylor / Layout by Peter Hill Design

List of full-time, part-time and volunteer staff:

Leah Hebert, Executive Director
Jennifer Van Wyk, Deputy Director
Lila Gilbert, Volunteer Services Director
Maria Kustritz, Volunteer Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Polter, Client Services Director
Gwen Hill,R.D., Nutrition Specialist
Jill Hogan, Finance and Administration Director
Kienan Mick, Finance Assistant
Asei Tendle, Food Services Director
Jason Morin, Building Coordinator
Sara Walter, Kitchen Manager/Brown Bag Lead
Ben Harrelson, Kitchen Manager/Quality Control
Rita Panton, Kitchen Manager/Bread Production
Juan Carlos Cruz-Marin, Kitchen Manager
Patrick McMonigal, Cook
Andrew Erickson, Cook
James Wilson, Janitorial/Kitchen Prep
Robert Jernberg, Janitorial/Kitchen Prep
Paul Tatro, Development Associate
Noel Clark, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Molly Kennedy, Customer Experience Coordinator
Andrea Kopfmann, Event Manager
Kelly Wilson, Open Farms Manager
Emily Murphy, Client Services Assistant (LVC Volunteer)
Dan Burnett, Volunteer Services Assistant (LVC Volunteer)
Jessica Lahrs, Client Services Assistant (St. Joseph Volunteer)


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