Open Farms

Nourishing our clients with fresh veggies grown with love

Fresh veggies at Open Farms

Open Arms grows vegetables and herbs for our kitchen at our urban community garden in St. Paul.

The garden engages volunteers and the community in agricultural issues and food justice while providing the best nourishment possible to clients and their families.

Located just off West 7th Street in St. Paul, the garden uses environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of agriculture and is currently producing kale, tomatoes, beans, basil, carrots, onion, and many other flavorful and nutritious crops.

But we can’t do this important work alone. Open Arms, including the Open Farms garden, relies on the abundance of generosity within the local community to help provide comfort and nutrition to people suffering from chronic illnesses.

If you’re an experienced gardener who wants to get your hands in the soil at Open Arms, or a beginner who wants to learn more, come join us as a volunteer. Contact Farm Coordinator Kelly Wilson for updates about volunteering at Open Farms>>

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