Honoring George Floyd

A year has passed since George Floyd was killed just blocks away from Open Arms’ South Minneapolis building. Today, we take time to honor our neighbor whose life ended too soon.

George Floyd’s death reminded our community, the nation, and the world of the work still needed to address systemic racism and racial injustice across the United States. While the police officer who took George Floyd’s life is being held accountable, the work towards racial justice for our neighbors must continue.

There are many memorials planned in the Twin Cities metro area today. If you are searching for actionable steps to honor the life of George Floyd, contribute to the work to address systemic racism in our community, and help our nation move on a path towards justice, check out the following resources:

• Visit George Floyd Square (38th Street and Chicago Ave in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was murdered) for RISE & REMEMBER. There are activities planned today from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM, when there will be a candlelight vigil for George Floyd.

• Donate to the George Floyd Global Memorial Fund or the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, two organizations doing important work in the Twin Cities and beyond.

• Celebrate the life of George Floyd through Black art and history at the Commons in Minneapolis from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

• Join the statewide moment of silence for 9 minutes and 29 seconds to remember and honor George Floyd at 1:00 PM.

• Attend an evening vigil to honor George Floyd’s life on the front lawn of Mitchell Hamline School of Law at 8:00 PM.

• Plan a visit to the “Say Their Names” cemetery off 37th Street. The cemetery is a memorial to the over 100 Black lives taken at the hands of police officers.

These are just a handful of ways to honor the life of George Floyd, take action to support the work of activists in our community, and support change.

Thank you for making positive change in our community, from our kitchen and beyond.

Leah Hébert Welles

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