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Turkey Toolkit 2020

Turkey Toolkit 2020

Have you already started your Turkey Drive fundraiser? No? Then go here first!

If you do have your fundraiser setup, you’re in the right spot. Below is our Turkey Toolkit to help you get started with promoting your fundraising page. Of course, personalizing your message to friends and family is always the best approach, but if you want a little inspiration or just sample language as a starting point, feel free to use the text below however you choose.

In addition to sample language, you will also find general tips and graphics that can be shared when you promote your fundraiser page.

Thank you so much for participating in this year’s Turkey Drive! If you have any questions about the toolkit, please email [email protected]. Any questions related to setting up a Turkey Drive fundraiser can go to [email protected].

Tips for a successful Turkey Drive page

• Promote it on your favorite social media channel(s). Your page will have a link that’s unique to your fundraiser!
• Create incentives for your donors! If donors contribute $60, you could send them a video of you dancing or singing. Or, if you’d like, you could run a mile for every $60 you receive.
• How you phrase things can make a big difference. Instead of “Grandma, give me $120,” try “Grandma, help Open Arms fund 2 Thanksgiving meals”.
• Remember that $5 matters, and not asking is what hurts most.
• To encourage as many donations as possible, keep promoting your Turkey Drive until its final day, 11/27.
• A great day to re-promote is each Tuesday of the month, as you can earn yourself a gift card if you win the Turkey Tuesday Badge!
• Make sure to thank the people who donate to your page. A handwritten card is a lovely touch. They will hear from Open Arms after they make a donation, but they will want to hear from you, too!

Social Media Hashtags & Official Accounts

• #OAMturkeydrive
• #foodismedicine
• Facebook:
• Instagram:
• Twitter:

Sample Language

Social Media:

• Facebook/Instagram (@openarmsmn)
Please support my fundraiser for @openarmsmn’s annual Turkey Drive! Open Arms is a nonprofit that prepares and delivers free meals to individuals living with life-threatening illnesses, and their goal in November is to raise $100k to ensure they can provide Thanksgiving meals for all of their clients and their families. Because of COVID-19, it’s extra important that their clients get a special holiday feast this year.

My goal is to raise [$]. If you help me raise [%] by [%], I will receive a [%]!

Many thanks for your support! Find my fundraiser page here: [link to your unique fundraiser page]

• Twitter (@openarmsmn)
Please support my fundraiser for @openarmsmn’s annual Turkey Drive! My goal is to raise [$] to help ensure they can deliver special Thanksgiving feasts to their critically-ill clients.

Find my fundraiser here: [link to your unique fundraiser page]

#foodismedicine #OAMturkeydrive

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Feel free to use any of our sample graphics to promote your fundraiser page on social media. Square-shaped graphics (ones tailored to Instagram) work well on all social platforms, but we’ve also included banners specific to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, just in case. (Note on Facebook images: Sharing your fundraiser page on Facebook will automatically generate an image unless you are sharing a customized version of your URL.)

All images can be downloaded here: