Volunteer Testimonials

Get to know us through the words of our friends

In 2011, GreatNonprofits.org ranked us as one of the top-rated food and shelter nonprofits in the nation based on the feedback of our volunteers.

Here are a few quotes from those volunteers:

“I have been a volunteer and donor with Open Arms of Minnesota for almost 15 years. What keeps me coming back is the wonderful mission of Open Arms — feed both body and soul. The organization is grassroots and very connected to the community and the families they help. We bring our children to help volunteer, and the staff is warm and caring. The people we bring food to are so grateful and sometimes we are the only caring person they see. Giving your time and effort to this group truly makes a difference.” – Tracy

“I love volunteering at Open Arms because the agency is delivering such valuable services in such a professional manner. The staff is well trained in proper food handling and takes the time to train volunteers as well. I always feel that my time is valued when I am at Open Arms. Tasks are assigned and thoroughly explained so I feel like I am making maximum use of my time. I always feel energized when I complete my shift at Open Arms.” – Nick

“It doesn’t matter what shape I’m in when I walk into the building. I always leave Open Arms happy and energized. The work of preparing and delivering food is easy to understand, but it is surprisingly transformative for me and other volunteers, for clients, and for the community we live in. Open Arms is a chance to spend a few hours a week acting mindfully and with specific intent to help real people. The fact that this service returns so much benefit to me is nothing short of a miracle.” – Amy

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