Nutrition Information

Looking for additional chronic illness-specific nutrition information?

While we try our best to tailor Open Arm’s meals to meet our clients’ illness-specific nutrition needs, we understand that each individual client is different and may face unique nutrition challenges. Our registered dietitians are available to speak with clients one-on-one to assist with chronic illness management through nutrition, or assist with reaching health or nutrition goals.

Questions? Contact our dietitians:

  • Brianna: 612-767-7332
  • Rachel at 612-677-2569
  • Jade at 612-677-2576
  • Kalley at 612-540-7759

Additional Nutrition Resources:

Please note: These resources are meant to provide general information and should not be substituted for medical advice. Please follow up with your physician or healthcare team before making any changes to your nutrition routine.

•  CDC
•  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

•  National Multiple Sclerosis Society

•  ALS Association

•  American Cancer Society
•  Cancer Dietitian

•  Cleveland Clinic
•  UCSF Health

•  DaVita Kidney Care
•  National Kidney Foundation

•  American Lung Association

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