Tile Campaign

Tell us your stories

We like to say the kitchen is the heart of Open Arms, and people are what make it beat — our clients, volunteers and donors. Each of these people came to us with a story, a series of events or memories that compelled them to work at Open Arms and support our mission. Many of these rich stories are now commemorated in the glass tiles that adorn our kitchen and lobby.

It’s not too late for your story or memory to be included on our walls.

How it works
You have a choice of four tile sizes and location — tiles are hung in our reception area, lobby and kitchen. You also provide the story, whether it’s initials, names, or a message celebrating friends and family or remembering someone dear to you and your community.

Purchase your tile today! To get started, contact Deputy Director Jennifer Van Wyk at 612-767-7337. All purchases can be paid in full, or over 36 months. A $500 tile comes to only $13.88 per month for 36 months!


4” square tiles for the kitchen can be purchased for $500






6” square tiles for the volunteer reception area can be purchased for $1000






8” square tiles for the main lobby can be purchased for $2500

12” square tiles for the main lobby can be purchased for $5000




For more information about tiles, download a pledge form>>

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