Never Give Up by Kevin Winge

While earning his master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School, Kevin Winge, our former Executive Director, traveled to the townships outside of Cape Town, South Africa, where he lived and worked with people living with HIV/AIDS. In the resulting book, Never Give Up: Vignettes from Sub-Saharan Africa in the Age of AIDS, he shares his firsthand knowledge of the realities and challenges faced by people living with this devastating disease.

This intimate collection of true stories is told from the insightful, poignant — and oft funny — first-person vantage point of the author, spanning from his life as a young man starting out in New York City in the 1980s to his work today on the front lines of the AIDS/HIV pandemic in both the Twin Cities and sub-Saharan Africa.

Never Give Up is a timely book that raises questions about international health issues, cross-cultural experiences, racism and homophobia.

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